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100 Year Lifestyle Chiropractor in Dunwoody GA
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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care

Our office will provide you with the highest quality chiropractic care in a caring supportive environment. Whether you are in the middle of health crisis from a new injury or a chronic condition, or you are ready to make the critical transition to a healthier lifestyle, our team will work with you to help you and your family reach your health goals.

ARPwave NeuroTherapy

ARPwave NeuroTherapy

The Home of Fast-Track Recovery from Injury & Chronic Pain
We use a revolutionary, FDA-approved system of rehabilitation and recovery that enables patients to recover from injury and chronic pain up to 10 times faster than with traditional methods. Founded in the ARP Wave Technology developed by Denis Thompson and Jay Schroeder, this system of rehabilitation has helped more than 75,000 patients over a 15-year period with a better than 95% track record. NFL football pros, top-ranked international tennis stars and major league All-Star baseball players depend upon ARP Wave Technology and is protocols to help them dramatically reduce rehab time, improve power performance and eliminate pain and infirmity. The end result in many cases is that significant neuro-muscular damage can be repaired with NO SURGERY, NO DRUGS and NO PAIN, in a fraction of the standard time.
The majority of injuries (sprains, strains, joint problems, fractures, tears, sport injuries or chronic pain, etc.) are due to the body's (and specifically the muscles') inability to absorb force. When these built-in "shock absorbers" don't do their job, that force transfers to other parts of the body, resulting in injury, discomfort and pain. Traditional medicine-even physical therapy-addresses the physical symptoms that result, treating the patient at the point of pain. The ARP Wave System addresses the problem's neurological origins-the actual source of the pain. Using this system and our specific protocols, we can pinpoint the muscles that are behind the problem and the pain that results-and then treat and rehabilitate the soft tissue-the source of the pain.

Many patients see results in the first session and find that their pain is eliminated in only four sessions using the ARP Wave System.

How it Works:

This breakthrough in soft tissue rehabilitation employs neuromuscular stimulation on a patented, FDA-registered class 2 medical device combined with specialized exercises to eliminate pain and increase range of motion.

ARP Wave is a state-of-the-art electric modality that pinpoints the neurological origin of the muscle failure and then stimulates the involved muscles in a pain-free and non-stressful manner. The stimulations fire at 500 times per second, driving in blood flow that helps the damaged tissue and scared tissue:
Reduce muscle spasms and pain
Increase blood circulation that speeds up healing
Increases Range of Motion
Eliminate compensatory, ingrained patterns that prohibit appropriate muscle response.
In other words, ARP Wave devices (and the techniques developed to work with them) promote our physical systems to respond in a manner that expedites healing and helps to eliminate future injury. It also breaks the cycle of pain that occurs when our nervous system responds to inflammation and damage.

The end result in many cases is that significant neuromuscular damage can be repaired with NO SURGERY, NO DRUGS and NO PAIN.

If you or someone you know has any Acute or Chronic Pain in your Shoulder, Knee, Tennis or Golfers Elbow, Restricted Movement or ANY kind of muscle pain, you owe it to yourself to check ARP Wave Therapy out. We believe so strongly in our ability to help these conditions that we a reduced fee "Feeling is Believing" first session. This way you can feel it and see for yourself how we can help you. Most patients report a minimum of 25% decrease in pain and a huge increase in range of motion after only one treatment and most are pain free after four sessions. We can help. Call 770-394-0345, to schedule your demo to find out how we can get you feeling better moving better and at the top of your game in as little as two weeks.

CHIROTHIN Weight Loss Program

CHIROTHIN Weight Loss Program

Visit for more information.

Our office has been looking for a safe, effective, and fast way for people to lose weight without sacrificing their health. I am excited to say that we have found the system and we are excited to announce that our office has added the Doctor Supervised ChiroThin™ Weight Loss Program to our office.

The doctor supervised ChiroThin™ Weight Loss Program blends science and physiology to allow you get healthier and lose weight. In fact, most ChiroThin™ Weight Loss Program patients lose between 20-35 pounds in just 6 weeks!

With over nearly 30,000 happy and satisfied ChiroThin™ Weight Loss Program patients across the United States, we know that, when following the program as instructed, the average female patient will lose 20-35 pounds (2-3 dress sizes) in just 42 days and the average man will lose between 30-45 pounds in the same amount of time!

Needless to say, I am very excited about this breakthrough and would love to tell you more about it. If you, or someone you know, would like improved health and rapid weight loss in a safe, doctor supervised weight loss program, this is the way!

For more information and to determine if you are a candidate, please call us today, 770-394-0345, to schedule your no charge, no obligation ChiroThin™ Weight Loss Program consultation today!

100 Year Lifestyle Lectures for Organizations and Groups

100 Year Lifestyle Lectures for Organizations and Groups

As The 100 Year Lifestyle Licensed Affiliate, our office provides ongoing educational workshops in our office that are open to the community, on a variety of topics, to help you maximize your health. We also provide health and safety programs to companies, organizations and school systems to help improve the health and well being of everyone in our community.