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Patient Testimonials

Finally, Pain Free!

Proactive vs. Reactive

❝For those of you who have never had chiropractic care, I just wanted to give you a heads up on how much Brad's care at Anchors Chiropractic has helped me. I went to Dr. Brad for proactive treatment versus going for a specific issue. The benefit has been greater than any expectation I had. Since starting Brad's care I have had the benefit of better flexibility, better balance, better posture, feeling healthier, less cold/flu/sickness issues, clearer thinking (weird but true), etc. I think chiropractic care is one of the best things you can do for better health and fitness. I highly recommend it as a proactive treatment versus just waiting to go when you have a crisis.

Doctor Brad is very good at what he does and I highly recommend that you go see him.

RW - Dunwoody

It is so wonderful to be pain free!

❝I cam to Anchors Chiropractic after many years of pain. I have scoliosis and have been in three automobile accidents where I sustained whiplash injuries. I was able to manage the pain in my back with chiorpractic care until I was in my sixties. The pain was so severe I had to resort to injections. Throughout the years the arthritis in my neck worsened as the disc degenerated. The pain was excrutiating. I was referred to a pain management doctor who tried radio frequency laser injection into the nerves to kill the nerve.

I was on my way to have another round when I came to see Dr. Brad to order new orthotics. Dr. Brad asked me about my physical problems and said he thought he could help me. I was very skeptical but had nothing to lose.

I started care with Dr. Brad and it was the best thing I have ever done in my life! I am PAIN FREE at last!!! My back does not hurt and my neck can move better than it has in years. I will always need maintenance care as I can "throw" my back out doing very little, but one visit with Dr. Brad makes the pain disappear. It is so wonderful to be pain free without drugs or surgery.

Sandra M -(Dunwoody, Ga.)

Anchors Chiropractic treats the whole person!

❝I was 42 and most days felt like how I imagined an 85 year-old might feel. For the previous 18 months I had constant joint pain, severe fatigue, sometimes paralyzing back pain, not to mention, the intense frustration from having three different specialists tell me there was nothing wrong with me. I knew this pain was not in my head. It had to have some physical cause, but no one was helping me to find it.

I came to Anchors Chiropractic out of desperation. I had never been to a chiropractor, but I was out of options and was willing to try anything to feel better - like myself again. Dr. Brad did a full evaluation and took x-rays. He felt that there were two areas of subluxation that were contributing to my symptoms. He also told me that about 80% of his patients felt significant relief after 8-12 visits. I would have laughed at him if I wasn't in so much pain. Dr. Brad set up a course of treatment, but honestly I was skeptical of his optimistic outlook for me.

Incredibly, after 6 or so visits I was beginning to feel relief, and after my 12th adjustment, my pain and fatigue were significantly improved.I was sleeping better at night.I was getting closer to being my old, "young" self!Since then I have only continued to improve. I now visit Anchors Chiropractic every regularly to help maintain my newfound health.

At each visit, Dr. Brad takes ample time to check on my progress. He also teaches me therapeutic exercises, and offers nutritional advice as well. Basically, Anchors Chiropractic treats the "whole" person. This is such a breathe of fresh air for me after seeing so many doctors who were simply prescribing medicines to treat individual symptoms, without uncovering the root of the problem.

Now I am ready to introduce my children to Anchors Chiropractic to help maintain their overall good health, as well as hopefully reduce my son's asthma symptoms. I would definitely recommend Anchors Chiropractic and its high level of care of the "whole" person.

Amy G. (Dunwoody, Ga.)

I continue to be pain free!

❝My name is April and I am a patient of Dr. Brad's at Anchors Chiropractic in Dunwoody. I came to the practice in June of 2004 because I had been suffering from a 3 month, 24 hour per day headache on the top of my head.I had always suffered from 1 - 2 headaches per week that Advil would help eliminate, but this one was different. After a thorough evaluation and x-rays, Dr. Brad suggested that it may be related to the C1 and C2 vertebrae in my neck. I was leaving for a three week trip to Thailand and could not tolerate the pain any longer so I began with 4 visits per week for the next two weeks. By the 6th visit, my headache was gone! After returning from my trip I continued having adjustments twice a week, then once a week for maintaining the corrections and now I go once a month for wellness health. I continue to be pain free and I no longer get headaches of any kind.Traditional doctors just handed me prescriptions, which I did not want. Dr. Brad helped correct the problem that was causing my headache not just treat the symptom. I encourage anyone suffering to give it a try. Good Luck!

April W. (Dunwoody, Ga.)

Chiropractic care has truly been a success story for our family!

❝I became a patient at Anchors Chiropractic in October of 2000 after I was diagnosed with LUPUS.Since my initial onset of LUPUS symptoms, which included severe joint pain to the point where it affected my every day mobility, I have been receiving regular chiropractic adjustments. I have not had another occurrence of any symptoms since then. I continued my adjustments throughout my pregnancy in 2002. The doctors told me I would be a high risk pregnancy due to my LUPUS but I was very healthy throughout the 9-months and gave birth to my daughter, Isabelle in September of 2001.

Isabelle, now 17-months old, has also been a patient of Anchors Chiropractic since shortly after she was born. She had severe colic and acid reflux problems right from the beginning. After about 6-weeks of regular adjustments, I am happy to say that Isabelle's symptoms completely subsided. Isabelle continues to receive regular chiropractic adjustments and is a healthy and extremely active toddler. Chiropractic care has truly been a success story for our family!

Kim T. (Marietta, Ga.)